Sunday, January 4, 2009

The 5% BBoy Document

My name is not important.
What is important, is my two life long passions (after my son, of course);
The teachings of Allah, expressed through Supreme Mathematics, Supreme Alphabets, and 120 lessons.
And, Hip-Hop, expressed through MCing, DJing, BBoying, Graffiti Art, Beat Boxing, Beat Making, and all other forms of expression that have manifested from the culture of Hip-Hop.
Indeed I just called Hip-Hop a culture.
When I first got knowledge back in Born God, it was made very clear that the mixing and diluting of the 5% was directly related to the 5% influence on hip-hop.
At the time you had a million fake ass god body wanna bes running around talking about "Non cipher" this and "peace god" that, totally confusing the real from the fake, for the outside observer. So, to even speak of Hip-Hop being a culture was a violation, at least where I got knowledge.
A culture is the behaviors and beliefs characteristic of a particular social, ethnic, or age group.
Culture is your way of life.
My first and foremost way of life is mathematics, expressed through Islam, which is I Stimulate Life And Matter, I am the sole controller of my universe, I am the most high form of existence, thus I-God is made manifest through my ways and actions, which born my culture.
Through speaking Supreme Mathematics I am expressing my culture, by living a righteous and pure life I am expressing my culture, by gathering and organizing with those that are alike to me, I am expressing my culture, by writing this blog, wearing a flag or a crown, teaching 120, I am expressing my culture.
Culture is expression. Expression through language, art, music, philosophy, ideology, dress, demeanor, attitude and history.
These are key parts that make up one's culture.
So, is Hip-Hop a culture?
There is a distinct language, or dialect that hip-hoppers speak, which is a street slang.
There's definitely a style of dress that distinguishes hip-hoppers as such.
Graffiti is the art, and the music is obvious.
So what is the ideology of a hip-hopper?
Ideology is the body of doctrine, myth, belief, etc., that guides an individual, social movement, institution, class, or large group.
The Ideology of Hip-Hop has never been defined, but there are unwritten doctrines of behavior and thinking that most hip-hoppers adhere to.
Hip-Hop is born from the streets, blacks and browns, making something phenomenal out of nothing, or what appeared to be nothing.
The music is born from utilizing common turntables and hi-fi stereo equipment, which was state of the art at the time.
Graffiti is and has been a expression of rebellion and a means of rogue marketing of ideas and ideologies.
Breakdancing was born from street kids emulating kung fu moves and fancy disco moves, while rebelling against the downtown disco scene.
MCing is another manifestation of the oral tradition of original cultures.
From African Griots to blues, to the dozens, to the social commentary poetry over funk beat that Gil-Scot and the Last Poets and the Watts Poets Pioneered.
Spitting melodic flows is nothing new.
The common denominator among all the fundamental elements of Hip-Hop, is Rebellion.
Rebellion is resistance to or defiance of any authority, control, or tradition.
All of the elements of hip-hop came together at the end of the civil rights movement that had fizzled into the free spirited 70's. Where the boundaries of creativity, ingenuity and imagination were tested and often surpassed.
From this born a culture that has never existed before, and that has changed all cultures after it's inception and relentless infection of the whole world.
This is a culture that I have grown up with.
my culture is mathematics and mathematics being all things in existence, I can encompass the culture of hip-hop. However the mathematics allow me to elevate my understanding of this culture into the upper levels of culture such as philosophy, ideology, and cultural development.
Back in the day, we had a saying, that if you claimed to be hip-hop you had to do at least two if not three elements of the culture, and by do, it is meant that you are good at the arts you choose to rock.
I will be posting a series on my hip-hop story entitled:The 5%BBoy History in Brief"