Saturday, June 23, 2012

You missed it

Aw dun, check I been into mad shit over the past couple of weeks.
I wish I had the time or gave a fuck to write that shit when it happens but I don't so this is all you get.
Stay thirsty my friends.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

First post of 2012

I'm a little late, but fugg it
Ive been doing a lot of stuff since my past post. Touch to even cover right now.
So read the old jawns below an leave a comment so I can give a shit to write more.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mitchell & Ness Gifting Booth @ Super Jam 2011

This past Sunday June 19th Father Day, 100.3 The Beat/Radio One and Boost Mobile presented the Super Jam Concert at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ.

Mitchell and Ness Nostalgia Co. were on hand as Sponsors of the exclusive Black Box VIP Room.

With 100.3 the Beat on air DJ personality Kendra G hosted live interviews with the Artist as they came off stage from their electrifying performances. After which each artist took time out to meet and greet with fans and take photos.

It was obvious from each artist’s entrance of their attention being drawn to the abundant and colorful layout of Mitchell and Ness Apparel, Authentics and Headwear. The Mitchell and Ness gifting suite was teeming with this summers hottest looks in tees, NBA Jerseys, and the hottest item in streetwear Snapbacks.

The Event Team for Mitchell and Ness; GM-Zaid Hamid, ASM-Aaron Noel, FEM-Mabinty Gblah, Will Warren, Tyler Schilling & Jhared Brown, wear all clad in various Authentic Jerseys giving further enticement to artists and fans alike.

Once the performers finally made it to the Mitchell and Ness booth they began looking through the racks as though they were in our Flagship Store, choosing various items for color or team/city affiliation.

R&B Singer Olivia was the first performer to come through the Black Box, she was surprisingly excited to see our booth and promptly requested anything Boston Celtics. We actually had newly released Dennis Johnson in a size 36(S), which she loved along with a Ladies green Boston Celtics Vintage Tee. We eagerly look forward to seeing Olivia rocking that Celtics Jersey, hopefully in her next Video.

R&B sensation Lloyd made a stop in the Black Box VIP Room amid a room full of young screaming girls. Once he made it to our table he told the us that he was a frequent customer and did most of his shopping online, until he spotted a M&N Flagship Store exclusive Jordan 98 All Star Jersey in his size. He said he would stop by the store in the very near future to see what else we have that may not be available online.

Next after a stirring performance of hits from her New Album “No Boy Allowed” Keri Hilson entered the room to cheers and screams of awaiting fans. She was a stunning beauty who turned out a big Atlanta Hawks fan being her home town team (Decatur). She selected an ATL Hawks Vintage tees shirt and an ATL Flames (NHL) Snapback hat. Ms. Hilson was very gracious of the gifting suite and took multiple pictures with the staff and signed autographs.

Several other performers, artists and personalities passed through the VIP room including Ace Hood with the smash single “Hustle Hard”, who chose the 98 Pippen Jersey and a few snapbacks.

R&B Artist Jeremih came through the gifting suite and signed our canvas bag and took pics. He picked up a Newly released NJ Nets Drazin Petrovic Jersey, and two snapback hats.

The Atlanta’s newest rap group Travis Porter, who although sounds like one folk singer, turned out to be crew of about 10 people not including dancers, erupted through the Gifting Suite, selecting oogling over snapbacks and jerseys. The group turned out to be only 3 main performers who each received a gift bag of hats and tops.

Philly’s next big hip-hop star Meek Mills stopped by the Black Box VIP just to visit the Mitchell & Ness Gifting Suite. Mills is a definite fan of the M&N Brand and came by to show love, having been wearing our apparel in three of his last videos.

Check out the Slideshow below for more picture of the performers and their Mitchell and Ness Gifting Suite experience...

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The finale to the nights performances was the Hip-Hops new mega star Mr. Black and Yellow; WIZ KHALIFA. Who put on a rock inspired performance that closed the 7 hour concert in fitting fashion. When he made his way to the VIP Room, there awaited a mass of fans inside and out screaming and reaching for the world’s newest rockstar, who came surrounded by his Taylor Gang entourage including one Amber Rose on his arm.

Wiz was very surprised and thankful when he saw the gifting suite which had some of our best black and yellow selections just for the Pittsburg native. He selected the 1962 Willie Stargell sleeveless Jersey along with several home team snapbacks.

The concert also feature Diddy and Dirty Money, and R&B singer Chris Brown, who put on top notch performances, however they had tight schedule arrangements and could not make it to the Blackbox VIP Room after their performances. In fact Diddy promptly left NJ in a private helicopter.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Top 10 Dope MC's that have an Unbiteable style

TAll lists are up for debate.
All lists are not in any order. I feel as though just being on the list is an accomplishment in itself and shows that I think they are dope anyway you look at it. I will leave the arguing over "who's #1" to those that care, I don't.

Andre 3000
Sadat X
Slick Rick
Mos Def
Kool G Rap
MF Doom
Buckshot Shorty
Busta Rhymes

Honorable Mention:
Lil Fame
Lauren Hill
Nine please state your
MF Doom

--if you can name another west coast mc that deserves to be on this list please state an legitimate argument for your nomination--

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Writing my Name in Graffiti on the Wall

I do a lot of my best work at night.
I'm a nocturnal type person.
This fits perfectly with writing graffiti.
I usually wait until 2 or 3am to venture out and do some writing.
This is the prime window of opportunity to bomb and not be seen by the public.
Writing graffiti is 75% stealth. Skill comes with time, like understanding.
However, not getting caught is the foundation.
I've never been caught vandalizing or writing graffiti.
Vandalizing is when a person destroys an area, be it a wall or building or monument or church or whatever, by writing all over it, usually writing spiteful remarks or some gang shit.
Graffiti is the art of writing your name in the most conspicuous location, or difficult location and not being seen or caught.
That is the allure of the culture of graffiti writing.
To go out and make a statement to the public, and them not knowing how or when or who made it happen.
Anyway, you get ready to hit the streets around 2am.
You throw on some bullshit gear, you don't mind getting fucked up, usually dark colors for better stealth.
I find that military fatigues are best suited, because of the pockets and rugged construction. However, a dark hoodie and jeans works just as good.
In some cases I've worn nice clothes so that I wouldn't be suspected of doing anything but going to work or a party or something not related to graffiti writing.
This is only if the location i'm bombing is not too fucked up.
I've walked through mud ponds and over trash heaps, and tunnels and bridges, and they are filthy.
Okay now you got the gear, now you gotta load the weapons and ammunition.
I prefer to carry as many cans on my person as possible, so that I wont have to lug around a bag.
I intend to use the entire can of paint so I will toss them as I go.
I keep a black can and a white ready in my front or inside pockets, and a krink type marker in my hand ready to tag at the first open moment.
Tagging is all about speed.
You don't want to get caught tagging ever. It's shameful to everyone.
So you're armed and ready, but if your doing a planned piece which requires more paint than you can carry, by all means take along a bag, but be sure to insulate the back so the cans aren't clanging around in the bag, as to give away your intentions.
I prefer to walk or ride a bike while on route.
By being on foot you have a better chance to doing good tags fast and discreetly, and can get tags more up, than if you were driving.
I would only drive to an area then, walk to the desired bombing locations.
In my opinion a bike is much more efficient, you can hit up a wall and be 5 blocks away before anyone noticed.
You can also get away faster and ditch the bike, if ever under chase from cops or thugs or dogs or concerned citizens.
So, were already to go do some damage or some art, whatever you prefer.
Good luck and happy hunting.

Friday, August 28, 2009

My Son the BBoy


Ah man, this evening, I took my son out to the Philly Gathering, a monthly Hip-Hop event featuring open ciphers of BBoying, Mcing, Djing and Graffiti.
The Gathering has been around for over 12 years, and I can attest to being a part of the original Gathering, back when I was doing my rhyme thing like that.
So anyway, this evening about 4 hours ago my son, my little me totally went IN, and got busy in the bboy cipher.
He was doing uprock and bottom rock, 6 stepping and side shuffling into crazy head spins and kartwheels, hand stand and all types of ill moves.
He had the crowd including the other bboys, cheering him on and roaring with amazement when he pulled off a new move are flip.
It just now, brought a tear to my eye just thinking about how he performed and executed him moves with confidence and swagger.
I practice bboying with him all the time and encourage him to do more difficult moves (under my supervision, of course).
He even has been to all of the bboy classes my program held. So I know he can rock like that.
however this cipher had many skilled bboy and my little man hopped right in and was not just a random kid jumping in having fun, but a dancer in the cipher, awaiting his next turn to do a even more spectacular move, which he did, until he ran out of moves.
So now I gotta teach him how to backspin and windmill, so by next break he can come back and do it again.
All I keep buggin off what my son said in the car, on the way home.
"Yo, dad I was killin em, right"
Word son, you definitely was.